Home Care

Our health-care system in Alberta depends heavily on the help of Licensed Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses. Here at Aspen Care, we also depend highly on these individuals who dedicate every day to provide exceptional care for our clients. Aspen Care’s Home Care service provides clients with care assessments, care management plans, family education, medical care, palliative care, and day-to-day care.

Generally, nursing care is provided to clients who are immediately released from the hospital and need short-term care. Or may have ongoing health issues related to aging, and/or need additional support at home.

A large component of the nursing care services at Aspen Care, are nursing care plans. These plans contain relevant information pertaining to a client’s diagnosis, health status, goals of care, medical requirements, specific treatments and evaluations. The plan is always re-assessed and updated as time goes on. This plan is an effective way for our staff to stay on top of the continuity of care for each patient, and can help families understand and assist with care. Our nursing plans also help determine which nurse is best suited for each client.

Our nurses assist our clients everyday, and help them remain as independent for as long as possible. Quality of life is the goal, and we strive to achieve this with our nursing plans and nursing care team.

For more information on Nursing and Home Care Services, please contact us at info@aspencarehealth.com or 403-990-3837