Pre and Post Operative Care

At Aspen Care, we offer pre and post-operative care services. We offer these services at your home, or in facility before or after surgical procedures. Our care staff works closely with doctors to ensure speedy recoveries and diligent preparations before surgery.

During pre-operative care, physical and psychological preparations are made before any surgical procedure. Each patient has different requirements, and Aspen Care will oversee the prep to increase the success of the surgery.

Aspen Care works directly with your doctor to determine your post-operative care plan. The care plan will determine when you can be released from the hospital, post-surgery medication schedules, side-effects, ensure adequate nutrition, recovery mobilization plans, and schedules. In the event of an unlikely surgical complication, Aspen Care will respond immediately and accordingly.  Appropriate follow-up care is extremely important to ensure a successful recovery. 

For more information on Pre and Post Operative Care, please contact us at or 403-990-3837