Respite Care

Respite care is planned temporary care, or temporary emergency care for those in need. Respite care is a great way for permanent caregivers to receive a break from caregiving, while the person in need continues to receive care in their home or in a safe environment. 

Respite services are a great way for caregivers, or children of aging parents to receive a temporary break from caregiving. Providing care is a 24/7 job, we understand how tough it can be. Giving caregivers a break is extremely important for their mental health, and can ultimately strengthen their ability to be a full-time caregiver. 

There are various types of respite care. Typically, respite services are offered in the patient’s home or at their senior facility. Respite care can vary from simple companionship services, to day-to-day assisted living, to full-care services, like administering medications and medical assistance. All of our staff at Aspen Care are trained LPN’s, and can provide care at various levels. 

It is normal to feel a little comprehensive to bring on someone new, especially when you’ve mapped out your care plan. However, it is important to not feel guilty about taking a break as a caregiver. At Aspen Care, we ensure all of our staff can work flexible hours, and can choose when they wish to provide care. This way, we ensure they receive autonomy, and can balance caregiving with their personal lives. Balance and happiness are two of our cherished values at Aspen Care. Ensuring our staff live a happy and well-balanced life is what makes them better caregivers to our clients. Aspen Care provides respite care services to many families. Our staff are all qualified to come in temporarily to relieve permanent caregivers and give the same care to those in need. A little extra help, especially during the holiday season, can go a long way. 

In certain cases, emergencies, unexpected circumstances or last minute trips away can create the need for respite care services. We highly recommend trying out a care provider temporarily, during a non-emergency to get a feel for the respite service. When the time arises, your family will be prepared and will already know what to expect with respite. Shelley, our Director at Aspen Care, will happily introduce you to some of our staff, and provide you with any information you require for when the time comes. Never hesitate to call Aspen Care for a free consultation, or even a chat about what respite care looks like, and how we can help you in any emergency. 

For more information on Respite Care, please contact us at or 403-990-3837