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  • Home Care Services

    Home Care Services Aspen Care offers a variety of services that focus on caregiving for seniors. Our private services reach homes across the city...
  • Long-Term Care at Aspen Care

    Aspen Care provides long-term care services to Calgarians across the city.  Under the category of continuing care, long-term care accommodates patients with complex medical needs who are unable to remain safely at home or in supportive living accommodations alone.
  • How to Break the COVID-19 Chain in Alberta

    As Albertans, we must come together and stay strong as new restrictions are in full force. Infection rates are rising, and as hospitals start to fill up, we want to do our part to break the COVID chain! Read our latest blog post on the top 5 things you should know about COVID-19.
  • Partner of the Month: Calgary Senior Resource Society

    Meet this month’s partner: The Calgary Senior Resource Society. Since 1995, the Calgary Seniors Society has evolved and adapted to expand their volunteer and social work programs to meet the growing and changing needs of our seniors. Like us, they help support seniors in many ways, read our latest blog post to learn more!
  • Goals of Care: Palliative during COVID-19

    As underlying conditions progress, an individual’s goal of care can often become less disease-specific and more palliative. Especially now during our pandemic, providing palliative care can be more difficult than usual.
  • Proven Research on the Benefits of Personal Health Records and My Health Journals

    Proven Research of the Benefits of Personal Health Records and My Health Journals. The following research is pulled from the Journal of American Medical Informatics Association combined with our response to Personal Health Records: Definitions, Benefits, and Strategies for Overcoming Barriers to Adoption.